Racketball (Squash 57)

What is Racketball   or Squash 57 as it is now called ?

For those not familiar with the game it is played on a squash court with a larger, bouncier ball and larger headed racket. It is not as explosive as squash but just as much fun. Why not pop along on club night and see for yourself ?

At all times correct Footwear must be used ( no black or marking soles) Shoes worn outside are not to be worn on court. Sport shoes must be clean and in your bag  along with your other equipment.


We have a Racketball league and Racketball club night, Mondays 7.20pm – 9.00pm – £2 per person.

We also have  annual handicap and club championship competitions.

Basic Rules of Racketball now called Squash 57